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How To Get More Traffic: Various WordPress SEO Tips

How To Get More Traffic: Various WordPress SEO Tips 1

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method you use to make it easy for various search engines crawling and find your WordPress website and the information it contains. Our opinion is that the best technique is to keep the SEO process simple and apply a bit of common sense.

In this article we share our experience for better SEO to getting more search traffic to your WordPress website, so here are various WordPress SEO tips that will help you get a little more attention from search engines.

Provide an XML Sitemap

A sitemap is simply a formatted list of the pages, posts, categories, tags etc. on your WordPress website that you would like to be indexed by the search engines. You can use one of various WordPress plugins to produce an XML sitemap. Our suggestions is to use Yoast SEO, a free plugin that has many SEO functions and including an excellent XML sitemap generator.

Setup Friendly Permalinks

The default WordPress permalinks are not very clean and for sure do not help you to include your keywords to the URL of your pages and posts. So, simply just go to Settings > Permalinks and define the Post Name as your URL structure (permalink).


Choose a good WordPress hosting solution

As page speed became an important factor for Google higher rankings, to choose a good hosting solution is a must. If you have the resources (money, time) get a VPS and manage everything yourself. If you do not have the knowledge or the time to manage your VPS, go for a shared plan but please stay away from the big names of the market, unlimited resources as marketing trick and limitations about plugin installations.

Write catchy content headlines

Keep your headlines short (not more of 5 words), concise as possible, use H1 tag to include them and starts with your main keywords. Writing understandable, information-rich headlines is one of the best ways to make your content get found on search engines and drive traffic to your website.

Use the main keyword in your content

When creating new content (pages or blog posts) you must define the primary focus keyword or key phrase for this content. This will help you to to have a well-optimized site, and you will start to see your SEO strategy’s results like higher conversion rates, higher rankings and more customers. As there is no any rule which states that keywords should not be repeated in the content, it is necessary to use your main keyword various times on the content. OK, don’t go crazy with this, but also do not believe myths that keywords should not be repeated more than three times on the post or page content.

Use a SEO optimized theme

Your WordPress theme must be optimized for search engines, so that you’ll be able to ingrate keywords at specific tags without to change the code of the theme. If the theme including built in sharing buttons just check if title, description or image does view properly on various social media after content share. Check the Loading Speed and be sure that your WordPress website load fast, as it is an important thing to not lose most of the traffic. As clean code increase the site loading speed your WordPress theme must be W3C valid. And of course your theme must be fully responsive.

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